Park West Boulevard Widening


The project consists of widening Park West Boulevard from 2 lanes to a 4 - lane divided section. The project limits are from the existing four lane section near the Town’s recreation facility access road to the Bessemer Roundabout. The project will match the existing 4 lane section and will include bike lanes and a wider shared use path. Improvements to the existing Queen’s Gate roundabout are also included.

The primary purpose of the project is to improve traffic congestion within the corridor. The project will also improve drainage, provide safety improvements, and provide facilities for cyclists and pedestrians for improved multi-modal forms of transportation.

Project Schedule

Overall Project Schedule

Two Week Schedule

May 11, 2021


Currently, construction is ongoing and on schedule.  The contractor is currently installing storm drain.  In the upcoming weeks, workers will begin to prepare the soil for construction of the future roadway near the Park West Recreation facility.


  • Design:  Complete
  • Permitting: Complete
  • Construction:  July 2019 - April 2021

Cost Estimate

  • $9,690,708 (Fully funded via adoption of 2020-2024 CIP)


Park West Boulevard Transportation Committee Presentation (4/30/18)

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Park West Boulevard Crash Maps (12/28/17)


Daniel Williamson, Project Manager

  • Ph:  (843) 856-3080
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