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The commerical business community has an influential role on stormwater and water quality in the Town of Mount Pleasant. We need your help to protect our valuable water resources today and for future generations of residents!

Why should I, as the business owner or employee, care about stormwater pollution?

Poor stormwater management practices at commercial businesses can introduce contaminants like oil and grease, chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, fertilizers, and organic materials into the stormwater system. Because stormwater is not treated at a wastewater treatment plant like sewage is, these contaminants may end up directly in our surrounding creeks, rivers, and marshes. It is important to minimize your company's impact on water quality in our community by educating yourself and your employees on a series of best management practices (BMPs) they can use in the workplace.

What type of long-term maintenance do I need to perform for any stormwater controls on my property?

The Town of Mount Pleasant requires all property owners with a stormwater BMP installed during construction (since 2007) to implement a long-term maintenance plan to maintain function and performance of the BMP. Long-term maintenance required will be specific to the BMP installed. Examples of BMPs can include a stomwater retention or detention basin, storm sceptor, swale, or vegetated riparian buffer, among others. Visit our "Post-Construction Process" page to find out more information on what type of maintenance is required for your property.