All American Boulevard

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This project involves the extension of All American Boulevard from its terminus near Wholesale Appliance to the roundabout on Park West Boulevard near US 17. The first segment, Phase 1, of this new roadway was designed in 2011 and extends to George Browder Boulevard. Most of the right-of-way needed for this project was dedicated by Life Park Church and a small portion of the road near George Browder Boulevard was recently constructed with the development of the church campus. The newer section, Phase 2, recently approved for design by Town Council in the 2018 Capitol Improvement Plan (CIP), will extend from George Browder Boulevard to the roundabout on Park West Boulevard near Publix.


Design and permitting is ongoing.  Staff is currently developing road connection alternatives for Laurel Park Trail and met with property owners.


  • Design:  June 2020
  • Start Construction:  September 2021
  • Construction Complete:  December 2023
All American Blvd
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Cost Estimate

  • $5,365,292 - Funded via adoption of 2020-2024 CIP



Daniel Williamson, Project Engineer