Can We See You?

Display Your Address Numbers Clearly

Can we see you in an emergency? Can we find you? Whether your place is a home, a business, a rental property, or a place of worship, emergency response time depends on your address numbers being clearly displayed for emergency services: EMS, fire, and police. Numbers must be visible from the road and they should be four inches high and reflective!

Cost & Installation

Cost and installation of the numbers must be paid for by the property owner or occupant. Residential numbers must not be less than three inches in height. Business numbers must not be less than four inches in height. All numbers must be made of a durable, clearly visible material and must contrast with the color of the house, building, or structure.


Numbers must be conspicuously placed immediately above, on, or at the side of the appropriate door so that the number is visible clearly from the street. In cases where the building is situated more than 50 feet from the street or road, the building number also must be placed near the walk, driveway, or common entrance to the building, or on the mailbox, gatepost, fence, or appropriate place so as to clearly be visible from the street or road.


Residents, business owners, or others who fail to comply are guilty of a misdemeanor, triable in Magistrate’s Court, and, upon conviction, must be fined not more than $200 or imprisoned no more than 30 days. Each day in violation constitutes a separate offense.

More Information

For questions about address number visibility call the Mount Pleasant Fire Department at (843) 884-0623.