Smoke Alarms

Fire Safety in Your Home Starts Immediately!

In combination with a family escape plan, properly installed and maintained smoke alarms can save lives in case of a fire. Don't install a smoke alarm near a window, door, heating duct, or air register where drafts could reduce the sensitivity of your smoke alarm.

Maintaining Your Smoke Alarm

  • It is extremely important to test and clean all smoke alarms on a regular basis.
  • Replace the batteries according to the manufacturer's recommendations, or at least once every six months. It's easy to remember to change your alarm batteries, do it when you set your clocks ahead an hour or back an hour.
  • Always remember that your alarm needs a new battery to work. Resist temptation to borrow a battery from an alarm to use it in something else.
  • Never paint an alarm.
  • When you vacuum your house, run the extension hose over your alarm to clear away any cobwebs and dust. Try to do this once a week to make sure that you are protected.

More Information

For more information about the Smoke Alarm Program, contact the Mount Pleasant Fire Department at (843) 884-0623 or e-mail