The Town of Mount Pleasant Comprehensive Plan Update

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The Town of Mount Pleasant has been engaged in our Comprehensive Planning effort since the fall of 2017. A Draft Plan was created by our citizens' Plan Forum and presented to the Planning Commission in December 2018. The Planning Commission considered the document, made a few modifications, and recommended their Draft to Town Council in February of 2019. Since that time, Town Council has been considering potential modifications to the latest draft.  A Public Hearing on the document and Council's modifications is scheduled for April 14, 2020, however with the current state of emergency related to the COVID-19 virus, that date is uncertain. 

Both documents - the Planning Commission's recommended draft, plus one showing Council's discussed modifications - can be found in the Town Council Public Hearing folder to the left.

(Updated March 26, 2020)

What’s next

Given concerns over social contact related to COVID-19, Council has scheduled no additional working meetings to date (3/26/2020).  The recommended draft and working revisions can be found in the Town Council Public Hearing folder to the left.  Any written comments on the content of the documents can be sent to Liz Boyles at, and it will be forwarded to Town Council for their consideration once meetings are scheduled.

(Updated March 26, 2020)

Comp Plan "Step-A-Day" Topics

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How you can participate - Comp Plan "Step-A-Day"

Now is a great time to get involved!  Council will be considering the Draft and any potential changes to it in the coming months.  Now is the time to share your thoughts and opinions!  Haven’t read the Plan? Don’t feel like tackling it all at once?  In order to make it more accessible to more people, we’re breaking the major points of the Comprehensive Plan down into a "One-a-Day" format -- One snippet a day highlighting the major components of the Plan. 

Comp Plan "Step-A-Day" Daily Reading Plan

  1. Vision
  2. Goals
  3. Community Issues - Urban Corridor
  4. Community Issues - Housing Diversity & Affordability
  5. Community Issues - Settlement Communities
  6. Community Issues - Cultural Core
  7. Community Issues - Mount Pleasant Way
  8. Community Issues - Financial Health/Resilience
  9. Community Issues - Open Space
  10. Community Facilities/Water & Sewer Utilities
  11. Hazards/Water Management
  12. Land Use & Districts
  13. Johnnie Dodds District
  14. Coleman District
  15. Towne Centre District
  16. Long Point District
  17. Route 17 North District
  18. SC Highway 41 District
  19. Carolina Park/Ten Mile District
  20. Rural District
  21. Mobility Issues
  22. Mobility Policy
  23. Mobility Recommendations
  24. Implementation Priority
  25. Action Plans

Comments can be submitted at any time by email to, and they will be delivered to Council when they continue discussion of the Plan. 

(Updated April 6, 2020)

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Comprehensive Plan Timeline - Updated 3/4/2020

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