Property Tax Calculator

Please note that: The estimated taxes represent Town of Mount Pleasant taxes only. Charleston County bills and collects property taxes for the Town.

Total property taxes as billed by Charleston County will include all taxing entities, such as the County, School District, Parks, and Trident Tech. The Tax Comparison Calculator below will calculate your estimated tax bill when your custom parameters for appraised value, property type, and millage rate are entered.

Please have a copy of your current tax bill, or go to the Charleston County Tax Assessor's website to find the required information needed.

Disclaimer: This property tax calculator is provided for use by property owners to estimate their property taxes given the allowed input parameters. The calculation methods used on this page are based upon current tax information. The property tax calculator is designed for general comparison purposes only and are not reviewed or approved by the Charleston County Treasurer. Accuracy is not guaranteed. By using this calculator, the user acknowledges that the information provided herein is simply for general information and may differ from the actual figures provided by the Charleston County Treasurer’s Office. Additionally, the tax credit factor is current as of the most recent tax year and is subject to change.