Tree Bank Program

The Town of Mount Pleasant has established a grant program for its residents, civic clubs, and other groups or individuals who have a desire to beautify and enhance the Town through the planting of trees. This program is intended to provide financial assistance to proposed tree planting projects where trees are to be planted within publicly accessible areas such as street right-of-ways, public parks, school yards, residential common areas, and churches.

Grant Application Administration:

The Mount Pleasant Special Events Office (843-884-2528) will coordinate the distribution of grant applications and will accept all completed application forms and materials. The Mount Pleasant Culture, Arts & Pride (CAP) Commission, a volunteer committee focusing on promoting civic pride and community appearance, will review all submitted grant applications and select those proposals that meet or exceed the guidelines.

Grant Deadlines:

The program will be offered twice a year during the planting season. Contact the Mount Pleasant Special Events Office for the exact grant deadline. Incomplete applications or late applications will not be accepted. Culture, Arts & Pride (CAP) Commission Review & Selection/Notification Process: The CAP Commission will review all Tree Bank Grant applications soon after the applications have been received. Once reviewed, the CAP Commission will select specific projects and authorize that Tree Bank funds be made available to those projects. A representative from the Special Events Office will notify the ‘Primary Contact Person’ listed on the application form that their application has been selected. Depending on the quantity and types of applications submitted to the Town, it may be necessary for the CAP Commission to limit the grant awards. Generally, the primary criteria for selection will be those applications that impact the greatest number of Mount Pleasant residents. Preference will be given to projects or project areas that have never received Tree Bank funds over those that may have received funds during a previous grant cycle. Development companies may not apply, nor will applications be received from persons or businesses for the purpose of fulfilling green space/ landscape requirements established by the Town. The Town staff may also submit project recommendations. These recommendations will be forwarded to the Public Services Committee of Council for review and approval.

Project Funding Levels:

The grant program is a “cost share grant” whereby the Town will provide 50% of the cost incurred with the planting of trees. These funds will be in the form of a reimbursement to be provided once the project is completed. The cost share grant to be provided by the Town will be limited to dollar amounts between $500 and $2,000. Therefore, the minimum the Town Tree Bank will provide is $500 and the maximum is $2,000.

For example, if the East Cooper Garden Club wanted to plant 10 trees at Alhambra Hall at a cost of $1,200, they could apply to the tree bank for a cost share grant of $600. If selected by the CAP Commission, the East Cooper Garden Club would pay the initial cost of $1,200 and the Tree Bank would reimburse the Club $600 once the trees are installed. If you have questions about your project qualifying for the grant, please contact the Special Events Office.

Tree Bank Reimbursement:

The grant will be in the form of a reimbursement so the sponsoring tree planting group must pay all costs to complete the

project. Once the project is complete, the applicant must contact the Special Events Office to arrange an onsite inspection

to verify that all the trees have been planted in accordance with the approved plans. Once the trees have been planted

and they have been verified as being the correct size, species and in the proper location, the applicant should provide

all the paperwork or receipts to the Special Events Office. Assuming everything is correct, the applicant will be reimbursed

within 14 days.