Fully-Automated Truck Transition


The Public Services Department Waste Management Division is transitioning to fully-automated garbage trucks. The transition to fully automated trucks will help make our department even more efficient by expanding our capacity and accommodating future growth.

We will receive two fully-automated trucks this year to replace two current trucks that have reached the end of their life cycle. Instead of taking three men to empty about 1000 garbage carts, it will only take one; allowing our staff to perform other critical services. 

Phase One Completed:

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How will the Fully-automated Trucks Improve Mount Pleasant?

Across the country, Waste Management workers experience more work-related injuries than both Police Officers and Firemen. Fully-automated Trucks will help create a safer working environment by keeping our workers out of the elements, out of traffic and preventing them from having to move and lift so many garbage rollcarts. 

The Fully-automated Trucks will increase efficiency of garbage collection and allow our Department to re-invest manpower to perform other critical services. The two, new Fully-automated Trucks will free three workers to form an additional Vegetative Debris Collection Crew to help accommodate Town growth. This increases productivity without spending any more tax dollars.


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