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Therapeutic Recreation
Therapeutic & Unified Sports
Therapeutic Recreation is born from the idea that every member of the community has the right to leisure, no matter the level of ability. Our goal is to remove the barriers that may keep some individuals in the community from participating in recreation activities. Through recreation, participants have the opportunity to become more active, learn a new sport, and improve social skills, all while making new friends!

Unified Sports offers the opportunity for all youth and adults to play on a sports team. It joins both youth/adults with disabilities and those without disabilities to train and to play together as a team. Smaller fields and modified equipment may be used as needed to ensure fairness and safety for all. Any person age five or older is eligible to participate.

Please contact Shelli Davis () at 884-2528 for more information and to get on the weekly mailing list - don't miss out on great activities and events!


Unified Swim #212800-01
  • Jones Center Pool
  • Friday's 5:30-6:30
  • January 6 - May
  • Ages 10+/All abilities $40
  • Athletes must be 8yrs+ and have the ability to swim without a partner/volunteer.
  • Peers must be 10yrs+ and be able to swim laps with athletes.
  • There may be a limit of participants (due to pool size) so please sign up quickly.
  • We do have instructors who work with our special needs athletes if you would like to sign your child up for swim lessons!

Unified Basketball #213800-01

  • Jones Center Gym
  • Saturday's 9-11am
  • January 7 - April
  • All ages/All abilities $20
  • This program accommodates all skill levels!  Whether your child is learning the fundamentals or ready to take on the Miami Heat, they will have a spot on the team.  We will compete at the local and as well as state competitions in early spring! 

Email Shelli Davis to find out about numerous other progams in the area!

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Volunteer to Coach

Volunteers are needed to Coach, assist and as Unified Partners

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