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You Make A Difference!
You can be the solution to stormwater pollution in your home! Did you know that small steps you take can help protect water quality, keep our beaches clean, and protect our ocean's fish and other animals from getting sick?

Try out these pollution prevention tips to make a difference at your home or school:

  1. Pick up pet waste from your yard.
  2. Don't litter - recycle when you can.
  3. After yard work, help your parents bag their grass clippings, leaves, and sticks for pick-up.
  4. Tell your parents when you see any oil or other liquid leaking from their car. Help them use less water when washing their car by turning off the hose when not in use. Always rinse and drain dirty or soapy water in the grass.
  5. Remind friends and family to not dump anything down the storm drain.

Teach your parents, friends, and teachers on how they can prevent stormwater pollution too!

Games and Activities
Hey Kids! We included the links below so we could share the coolest stormwater games, activities, and quizzes we could find with you! Check back often to see what other fun activities we share.

For Educators
Interested in having the Town of Mount Pleasant Water Quality division present at your school, classroom, or public event? We provide information, material, and interactive classroom activities for all age groups. Please contact our NPDES Coordinator at 843-849-2022 or .

Other Resources:
Several other local, state, federal, and non-profit organziations have designed a series of lesson plans to implement stormwater education and water pollution curriculum into the elementary-middle-high school classroom. Lesson plans include worksheets, tutorials for teachers, indoor/outdoor activities, vocabulary/concepts, and more.