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Proposed Decisions
The following projects have been reviewed and approved by Town staff for their water quality and water quantity components.  Projects will be posted for 30 days from the approval date listed below.  Posting of proposed decisions is for information use only.  Once project approval is received, the applicant can formally submit their project to SCDHEC for review and issuance of their South Carolina NPDES Construction General Permit (CGP). Final submission to SCDHEC should include the Town's letter of approval, finalized project NOI, and any applicable fees.


 Project Name


 Project Number

Approval Date

 Sweetgrass Pediatrics 540-00-00-146 C16-07-035 9/6/2016
 Lowes of North Mt. Pleasant 600-00-00-067 C16-05-028 9/6/2016
 Whitehall Mt. Pleasant 558-00-00-070 thru 072  C16-05-027 9/12/2016
Highway 17 Commercial - Laundromat  578-00-00-102 C16-07-032  9/21/2016
The Haven at Midtown - Phase II  559-00-00-010  C16-08-041  10/12/2016
Oyster Point Trip Wall  561-00-00-600, 601, 602, 603, 047, & 068  U16-03-015  10/18/2016 
 MPW PS3 - Upgrade 532-16-00-121   U16-08-042 10/18/2016