Coleman Boulevard Improvement Project

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The Coleman Boulevard Improvement Projects are an important infrastructure project for the Town of Mount Pleasant. This $18.2 million project is being performed by Blythe Development of Charlotte, North Carolina and is expected to be completed in August 2019. The roadway portion of the total project cost is $14.74M and the utility portion is $3.46M.

This key infrastructure project involves reconstructing Coleman Boulevard between Mill Street and Pherigo Street to create stormwater, roadway and utility upgrades. An adaptive traffic signal system will be installed along Coleman Boulevard to streamline traffic flow and transit amenities such as bus pullouts and shelters will also be installed. Additionally, the project will provide increased travel opportunities for bicycles and pedestrians, decorative street lighting, a way-finding system, landscaped medians and a vibrant activity zone between the roadway and buildings fronting the street.

June Status Report:

Currently, the contractor is working on the north side of Coleman Boulevard installing storm drainage, curb and gutter and sidewalk. Soon, street lighting and landscaping will be installed on the north side of Coleman Boulevard before the contractor makes the shift to the south side of Coleman Boulevard. This phase of the work is behind schedule due to unforeseen underground utility conflicts and should be completed in late July or early August.

Work should begin on the south side of Coleman Boulevard in August and will consist of utility relocations, stormwater drainage installation, sidewalks, lighting and landscaping. It is expected to take six months to complete the work on the south side of Coleman Boulevard.

As of June 30th, the following work has been completed:

  • 3,375 ft. of Storm Water Drainage
  • 36 Drainage Structures
  • 3 Water Quality Treatment Devices
  • 1900 ft. of Curb and Gutter
  • 1800 ft. of Sidewalk
  • 2000 ft. of Lighting and Irrigation Conduit
  • Simmons Street Force Main Relocation
  • Simmons Street Gravity Sewer Relocation
  • Simmons Street Gravity Sewer Repair
  • 2000 ft. of New Water Line on Coleman Boulevard

Project Contact: Ed Barbee, Transportation Construction Liaison – (843) 640-2422