Public Safety Training Facility



Constructions of the training facility on the Town's Seewee Property to include classrooms, shooting range, apparatus and equipment storage, and offices to supplement and improve field exercises. This project is a collaboration between Fire, Police, and Public Services departments. This facility will be an all-in-one training ground that allows each department to train on their specific needs and will allow for cross-training and interactive exercises between departments. 


Preliminary artistic, architectural renderings have been completed during the design phase. 

January 2019 

Several meetings have occurred since last update to refine the site drawings and currently the team has completed the architectural design of each structure at the training site.

In April 2018 a change order was submitted to have the wetland resurveyed. NewKirk completed current flood/wetland flagging and sent application to Army Corp of Engineers for approval.

In November, the Police CIP of the driving pad was merged with the PS Training Facility Master Plan. That CIP was for design and construction and a second change order was submitted and approved for a 6 months extension and an additional service by Thomas and Hutton to conduct the land survey to be recorded. Survey is not scheduled until after January 17th and when completed a BZA appeal will be presented to County on the current restriction of lighting and showers.

Project has been on standstill pending wetland delineation; however, structure design with the team has continued.


  • Construction:  TBD


$ 6,450,000.00  ($ 350,000.00  Impact Fee 2018, 1,500,000.00 Hospitality Tax 2019,  $ 600,000.00 Impact Fee 2019-2020, and $ 4,000,000.00 unfunded) 



Shaun Simpson, Project Manager 

Training Center 2