Memorial Waterfront Park Phase II


Phase II is part of a larger project to improve Memorial Waterfront Park. The project was established to address the need for better water access identified in the Comprehensive Plan. This phase includes the extension of the pier and addition of floating docks. The marina style floating docks will be used for daytime transient use, possible water taxi stop and mooring of the Town’s Fire and Police boats. This phase also includes an expansion for the existing restaurant and retail space. This project supports the Town’s Comprehensive Plan because it will enhance and already utilized public park as well as provide more water access for the community.


The project has 4 major components: pier expansion, phase I upgrades, restaurant expansion, and overflow parking enhancements. The expansion to the pier is phase two. The project is currently waiting on obligation grants. The BID period will follow once the grant obligation is finalized.


  • Conceptual master plan completed: FY 2015-2016
  • Design for all phases completed: 2017
  • Received DHEC issued permits (SCDHECOCRM):  March 2018
  • Received the Department of the Army Permit (USCOE): June 2018
  • Construction End Date for Phase II:  2020 (approximately)


$5,956,294 (estimated)


Project Location


Lee Cave, Project Manager

Memorial Waterfront Park Dock Rentering