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SCE&G will work to convert overhead utility lines to underground utility lines along Mathis Ferry Road. Undergrounding the lines along Mathis Ferry Road will enable canopy live oaks along Mathis Ferry to grow full canopies without the negative impact of tree trimming maintenance. This supports the goals of the Mathis Ferry Road Vegetation management plan. Placement of lines underground is beneficial because it preserves the tree canopy, particularly of live oaks. Placing lines underground also improves service and reliability of electricity during storm events and saves money time and money since tree trimming will not be required in the future. 


The project to underground power lines along Mathis Ferry Road has three phases. Phase I completed undergrounding the lines from Muirhead Road to Olde Central Way. Phase II completed undergrounding the lines from Olde Central Way to Bowman Road. Phase III will underground lines from Muirhead Road to Wingo Way.


  • Phase I and II completed in 2017
  • Phase III to begin in 2018
  • McCants Drive will follow as the next project for 2019


$1,260,000 (estimated)


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Lee Cave, Project Manager

  • Ph: (843) 884-1229 
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