Shem Creek Water Quality

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This project is a multi-phase effort towards the completion and implementation of a Watershed Management Plan for Shem Creek.  Projected work may include operating monitoring stations, collecting sample data from the field and laboratory analysis, survey data collection to improve the Town’s GIS database and GIS tools, conduct pollution flow modeling, field inspections of high priority areas for identifying pollution sources or implementation solutions, recommend appropriate retrofits, technical or legal assistance with complex regulatory programs, stakeholder involvement support, final plan development, and other water quality improvement tools as may be recommended or required by SCDHEC. 

Status (As of February 3, 2020)

The town’s water quality monitoring station has been installed and is undergoing calibration so that we can Collect additional data about water flowing into and through the creek.


  • Start: July 2018
  • Finish: On-going


Available Budget: $300,000 


Hillary Repik

  • Ph: (843) 849 - 2022
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