Division Responsibilities

The Procurement Division establishes and maintains purchasing procedures for all departments of the Town, executes and coordinates all purchases of $25,000 or more, prepares and executes all formal solicitations over $100,000, and properly sells or disposes of surplus and seized items and equipment.

The Town’s procurement activities are performed in accordance with the Procurement Code, Chapter 38 of the Town Code of Ordinances and the Procurement Regulations Guide.

  • Procurement Code: Click HERE
  • Procurement Regulations Guide: Click HERE  

Additionally, the Town's Terms and Conditions that apply to all purchases under $25,000 can be accessed below:

  • Terms and Conditions for purchase under $25,000: Click HERE

Procurement Portal

The Town of Mount Pleasant has partnered with Bonfire Interactive to create a new procurement portal for vendor registration and for access to the Town’s procurement opportunities. Registration is free, quick and easy. You will be asked to provide all information required for conducting business with the Town and to choose the categories of products and services you offer through the selection of one or more NIGP Codes. 
While registration does not guarantee that the Town will purchase from your company, it does guarantee heightened visibility of our solicitations and your company's visibility among our purchasers.

Sign up for procurement opportunities here: 

  • Direct to Sign in Page: Click HERE
  • Public Opportunities Listing: Click HERE

Local Vendor Partnership

This Program provides a preference to a company if their principal office is located within the Town’s limits and they agree to the terms of the Program. This preference allows the local vendor to receive a percent discount off their bid during the evaluation process to determine the low bidder. To be considered for the program, local vendors must complete and submit an application.

  • Local Vendor Partnership Application: Click HERE

Additional Duties

The Procurement Division procures materials, supplies, equipment, and services including professional and construction services.

GovDeals provides services to various government agencies that allow them to sell surplus and confiscated items via the Internet. Each participating agency has its own auction rules and regulations and may be subject to state and local ordinances.

GovWorld auctions is a limited liability company formed in South Carolina. Their purpose is to help city, county, state, and other governmental agencies to liquidate equipment and assets surplus to its needs. GovWorld has over seventy years of combined auction and sales experience.