Engineering & Environmental Division

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The Division is responsible for Flood Control and Water Quality Protection associated with the municipal stormwater system. This is achieved through the following operations:


System Ownership

There may be times when we are unable to work on a system because it is not a part of the Town’s drainage system, however, we will work to coordinate with other agencies or provide those property owners with guidance and options for private systems on their private property. If you do not know who owns your road you can try the street finder. You can then visit the other agencies to make work requests in areas that they "own". Use the Request Tracker to enter service requests for assistance!

Other system owners:

Drainage Easement Encroachments

Easements on a property restrict the use of the property. Permission to alter the area must be reviewed to see if the use can be allowed or "permitted". Some uses cannot be allowed as the change will interfere with the system operations, inspection, or repair program may cause damage, or may contribute to pollution. The Town's Code of Ordinance lays out drainage easement restrictions and responsibilities (see Chapter 153).

Please note;
  • We cannot allow any type of structure or part of a home to be installed in the easement.  This is an area reserved for construction if we need to replace or repair a pipe. 
  • Permittable items need to be easily removed (by the property owner or town).  Connects for pool discharge or other waste waters are also not permittable.
If your property has a "Public" drainage easement to the Town and you would like to alter the easement in any way (such as install a fence, add pipes, connect yard drains, install utilities, change grading), an encroachment permit must be submitted for review to see if the alteration is acceptable, can be installed with conditions, or is not an allowable encroachment. 

Please click here to access our online permit portal.  You will need to create a log in.

Permits will be process though our Transportation and Capital Projects Division of the Engineering and Development Services Department.  Contact (843) 856-3080.