Stormwater Program Fees

Account Billing

 Mount Pleasant has contracted with Charleston County to bill the stormwater program fees through the County tax billing system.


 Your fee will be listed on your County tax bill.

  • Please do not send in payments to the Town

  • Please cancel your automatic bill payments

Program Fees

The stormwater program fees that are collected are used only for supporting the annual cost of the Stormwater Management Program.

A fee is charged to every property owner for the management of additional stormwater, stormwater infrastructure, and the pollution that is generated not only from our home sites but from the roads and commercial properties that we utilize throughout the Town. The funding remains in a dedicated account to enable the following operations:

  • Asset Management Program - Drainage system inspections, operations, and maintenance services. New infrastructure inspections, life span repair and replacement program for stormwater infrastructure.
  • NPDES Water Quality Compliance Program - Activities and projects as mandated under the Federal Clean Water Act and SC regulations and permits.
  • FEMA Community Rating System (CRS) program - Activities that the Town conducts to enable local residents to obtain flood insurance, and due to additional activities - discounts in their individual flood insurance of up to 20%.

Program Fees

  • The base fee is $60 per year.
  • Charleston County will bill each property owner of record for their fee through the County tax bills.
  • Residential property, condominiums, townhomes, and commercial condominiums are charged the base rate.
  • Vacant Parcels are charged 1/2 the base rate ($30).
  • Commercial properties are charged based upon a formula that averages their property classifications, parcel size, and average impervious area - applied against the base rate.

Who pays the fee?

Charleston County will be utilizing their property tax database to determine the property owner for the billing cycle.
  • The County bills property owners of record as of January 1st of the billing year.
  • Each property owner will be billed the Town's Stormwater fee on their County tax bill.
  • Bills cannot be pro-rated by the Town or the County.
    • If you are selling your home, you may want to include your fee in your closing contract.
    • If you received a tax bill from the County and believe that you are not the correct property owner, you can search the County's Property Tax database records or contact the Charleston County Auditor's office at (843) 958-4200 to resolve property and tax record questions.