Local Environmental Activities and Events

Clean-up Events

Creek keeper

Organize and host a clean up in your school, neighborhood, creek, or local park!

Studies have found that at least 18% of all trash in the waterways comes from our roadsides through our drainage systems. We rely on local volunteers to pick up litter in many areas around our town.

Mount Pleasant is surrounded by water. With over 18 creeks to protect we need you to help keep Mount Pleasant clean, green, and our creeks healthy!

We’ll supply trash bags, gloves, safety vests, and pickup sticks. If you don't have an area in mind, we can recommend locations or try the Adopt A Highway program listed below if you want to make an impact on a regular basis. To receive supplies and additional support from the Town of Mount Pleasant, contact the Stormwater Division at 843-856-2157.

Supplies for Clean Cities Sweeps – Great American Cleanup are provided by the Town of Mount Pleasant and Keep South Carolina Beautiful/Palmetto Pride

View our photo gallery of past events!

4-H2O - Summer Camp

4-H2O Summer Camp
There are many great summer camps around the area. Explore your options and consider a camp that engages your child's mind and keeps them active.

Our education partner, Carolina Clear, is hosting several sumer camp sessions for children ages 10-13. Engaging your children in environmental stewardship at a young age helps us develop future leaders that understand the importance of protecting our local waterways.

4-H2O is a youth education program that has been held annually across the state for more than 12 years. It is a water-based science camp that runs in more than 15 counties across South Carolina, allowing students an opportunity to learn and experience this state’s water resources first-hand. 4-H2O is a hands-on science inquiry program that provides children and adults with knowledge about their local water resources and teaches them the field, analytical and critical thinking skills they need to intelligently participate in making decisions that affect the quality of these aquatic systems. For more information and registration information CLICK HERE!

If you cannot join us at 4-H2O please consider one of the many great camps that our local area offers!

Stormdrain Marking

Storm Drain Marking

Organize and host a storm drain marking project with your school or neighborhood!

We have storm drain decals that you can install on drains in your area. The decals are reminders not to dump debris or chemicals into the storm drain. We will provide markers, educational brochures that you can hand out in your project area. To receive supplies and additional support from the Town of Mount Pleasant, contact the Stormwater Division at 843-856-2157.

Rain Garden Initiative

rain garden

Rain is a resource!

Help Slow it down, Spread it out, and Soak it in with a rain garden!

A rain garden is a landscaped depression that allows rainwater runoff from impervious areas; such as rooftops, driveways and compacted lawn areas, the opportunity to infiltrate and be absorbed, reducing stormwater runoff and associated pollution. Rain gardens are a popular and attractive way for homeowners to manage erosion and moisture control issues, beautify the home landscape, create wildlife habitat and protect clean water downstream.

The Carolina Rain Garden Initiative provides tools and resources to assist with the installation of rain gardens in diverse settings such as yards, schoolyards, community centers and more. The tools include a virtual rain garden, videos on how to create your garden and a map of local demonstration sites.

Visit the Mount Pleasant demonstration rain garden at the Jones Center - behind Fire Station #2 on Paul Foster Road!

Celebrate Earth Day Everyday!

Shem Creek Park_200.jpg

Master Pond Manager Course

Do you own or manage a pond? Do you understand how your pond functions? Do you want to know more? Our Clemson education partner is offering a course in pond management. This course has two options; one for professionals with pesticides licenses - and one for everyone else! Visit the course website for more information.

Adopt A Highway

Local Roadways that are owned by the State highway department can be "adopted". This program needs you to sign up. Clean-ups are scheduled several times a year or you can do a one time clean-up. Contact the Adopt A Highway office directly to schedule your next event!

Palmetto Prideways

Corporate sponsors are needed to help clean I-526. This program seeks corporations to adopt interstate areas that will be cleaned by the Department of Corrections. Visit the Palmetto Pride web site for more information.

Oyster Reef Building Projects

Join SCDNR, the Town of Mount Pleasant, and other volunteers and businesses in the annual spring oyster reef building efforts. Volunteers are needed to help bag recycled oyster shells and construct new oyster reefs. Please visit our Event Calendar for event dates and locations! When we are not building reefs we still need you to recycle your oyster shells at the town drop site at 1355 Sweetgrass Basket Parkway. To get information on events and locations CLICK HERE!

Make Every Day Earth Day!

Residents and businesses are encouraged to celebrate Earth Day every day! Protecting the environment does not have to wait until April! The Town supports and offers small group activities; such as clean-ups, storm drain marking, and oyster reef construction throughout the year. If you are not part of a group or want to make a difference where you live or work, we can offer tips and provide contacts to help make your yard or business site go green through landscaping practices, pond and water quality management - such as using buffers, rain barrels and gardens, and other great programs. For more information and scheduling CLICK HERE!