Commercial Best Management Practices

Your business is important to our community.  Having a healthy economy is directly tied to our communities ability to be resilient to flooding and to have an healthy environment.  Businesses play an important role in stormwater in the town.  Property owners and business owners are responsible for managing their stormwater  flood control systems and for reducing and managing pollution from their business practices.  The town's Stormwater Division is here to monitor activities and provide guidance when needed!

Commercial Stormwater Flood and Water Quality Systems

Most commercial properties have ponds and other stormwater systems to manage their pollution and stormwater.  These systems require inspections and maintenance.  Commercial systems often have heavier usage and impacts that neighborhood systems.  Systems that do not function properly can create flooding or access issues that can lead to property damage or loss of business - so it is important that Commercial property owners schedule and perform inspections and maintenance.

Stormwater ponds are the most common practice that help manage flooding and water quality. There are also many other new "Best Management Practices" (BMPs) such as underground detention, bioretention, green roofs, pervious pavement and others that are being used in new developments that also require maintenance and inspections. 

Please visit our "Post-Construction Process" page to find out more information on BMP maintenance requirements for your property. Systems built after 2007, and which implemented some type of BMP, will be responsible for annual inspections and periodic maintenance to ensure BMP function and performance.

Managing Pollution from Business Activities

How to be a Green Business

Most businesses generate some type of pollution but there are practices that can be implemented to reduce your impact and provide environmentally responsible services.  Please use the PDFs below to find out more information on how you, your business, and employees can minimize your impact on stormwater pollution in the Town of Mount Pleasant. Town staff has access to some of the materials for the items below if you would like to have them for your business. Please contact us to obtain materials.
Don't see your business or want additional resources? Supplemental material is available at the following websites: 
  Do you have a question about what type of BMP is appropriate for your business? Please contact the Stormwater Division to find out more information and design a management practice that works best for you! Reach us at 843-856-2157.