construction projectAs part of the Town of Mount Pleasant’s Stormwater Management Plan, the Town requires construction project owners to plan and operate their projects with the goal of reducing the runoff and pollution generated by their construction activities. 

SCDHEC has issued a new CGP, effective March 01, 2021.

From the SCDHEC Website

The Department has reissued the NPDES General Permit for Stormwater Discharges from Construction Activities (SCR100000) on January 29, 2021. Please find below a link to the permit and the response to public comments. The permit will become effective on March 1, 2021. 

•    Permit
•    Response to Comments
•    Updated Fact Sheet

Things to Know:
•    In the coming weeks, DHEC staff will post a revised Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan Template that construction site operators and consulting engineers may use. 
•    In the coming weeks, DHEC will post an updated form D-0451, auto-coverage form for very small projects in the coastal zone. 
•    As noted in the Fact Sheet, the reissued permit is demonstrably similar to the previous permit. Please consult the Fact Sheet for specific updates. 
•    Construction site operators granted coverage under the previous permit are automatically covered under the reissued permit and do not need to submit a new NOI. 

The Town's technical review requires that project submittals meet the requirements of the most current Federal and/ or SCDHEC requirements, which may be more stringent than the Town's ordinance referenced below. The Town's ordinance will apply only if the specific water quality or quantity requirement is more stringent than the State requirement or to requirements specific to Town programs and other ordinances, such as developer and engineer responsibilities, submittals, inspections, warranties, and other such items contained in the Town's Codes.

The Town program includes measures for a regulatory control program to ensure all construction projects are in compliance with Town of Mount Pleasant Ordinance Chapter 153. This ordinance requires:

Water Quality Review Process

Town review for your project is dependent on the land disturbance area and type of construction being completed. In the Coastal Zone, projects that are within a 1/2 mile of a receiving water body are subject to additional State and Town submittal requirements.  Use the NPDES Phase II Approval Process PDF to determine what type of Town review is appropriate for your project.

The Town charges NPDES Plan Review Fees and Water Quality Inspection fees for new projects. Please review our NPDES Fee Schedule and include a copy and the appropriate fees with your submittal. The plan review fee will not be charged by SCDHEC, unless they choose to perform a separate technical review. These fees are separate from the SCDHEC Permit Fee.

To find out more information on technical review submittal requirements for large construction projects in the Town, please visit the Planning Department.

Forms for Water Quality review submittals and the construction process can be found here.

A technical review by the state may also be required for your project. Visit the SCDHEC Construction Overview Webpage to determine if you need to submit for a Construction General Permit (CGP) and Coastal Zone Consistency (CZC) review with SCDHEC-OCRM. Every project is unique so please contact the SCDHEC-OCRM office if you are unsure if your project must submit for review.

Single Family Stormwater Program

This program manages the plan review, site inspections, and permitting of work on single family properties.  This includes the special Impervious Surface Overlay District in the Old Village area.  This program is processed separately from commercial and larger State NPDES Construction permits (MS4 Program).  Some lots may be required to obtain individual NPDES permits or sign onto the larger development permits, if located in newer development.

Public Notice of New Projects and Recently Approved Decisions

The Town of Mount Pleasant posts new projects on public notice that are undergoing Water Quality review by Town staff. Projects are posted to public notice and available for public review for ten days. Any comments pertaining to water quantity and quality concerns are invited during this time. To view any new projects or submit comments, please view our Construction Public Notice page.

Recently approved projects are also available on public notice and can be viewed on the Proposed Decisions page.

Implementation of Best Management Practices (BMPs)

Studies have found that runoff from construction activity can introduce a significant amount of pollution into the storm drain system, including sediment, debris and trash, pesticides, excess nutrients, sanitary waste, and oil and grease, among others. By employing a series of best management practices (BMPs) at your construction site, you can help protect water quality in our community.

Site Inspection and Enforcement

All construction projects in the Town of Mount Pleasant are subject to inspection by the Town's Water Quality division. To find out more information, visit the Site Inspection and Enforcement page.

Post-Construction Process and Long-Term Maintenance of BMPs

As part of the NPDES program, the Town of Mount Pleasant is required to implement a post-construction process for all construction projects. Beginning in September 2007, any construction in the Town of Mount Pleasant that installs a BMP as part of their storm drainage plan is required to perform long-term maintenance of their BMP(s). Please visit our Post-Construction Process page to find out more information on the long-term maintenance process and how it should be incorporated into your project.

SCDHEC Construction General Permit (CGP) and SCDOT Construction General Permit (SCDOT CGP)

The link to the State construction permits, as well as included rationale and fact sheets, can be found here. For questions about the State CGP and SCDOT CGP, please contact SCDHEC. The Town of Mount Pleasant's Stormwater program requires that all projects meet applicable and current Federal, State, and local requirements.

General Coastal Zone Consistency

 SCDHEC-OCRM has announced the issuance of the General Coastal Zone Consistency for Individual Residential Lots and Small Projects here. For questions about the GCZC, please contact SCDHEC-OCRM.

Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Inspector (CEPSCI) Certifications


Check the CEPSCI web site for updates and information on course registration.