Because construction sites can be a source of stormwater pollution, special best management practices (BMPs) are incorporated into the project's stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) to minimize impacts to the environment.  This page contains tools to help project engineers in their site specific design.

The 2021 SCDHEC Construction General Permit (CGP), Federal, State and Local regulations require additional BMPs for different sites for construction and post construction.

The Town has adopted both the SCDHEC BMP Manual and the DOT Specifications as acceptable minimum measures and standards. Developers, Engineers, and Contractors should consult these resources to select the appropriate measures for use in their site's SWPPP and for when site modifications are necessary.  The Coastal LID Manual may also be used to obtain design criteria, standard details, and it includes a simple excel spreadsheet LID benefit calculator that can be used to demonstrate water quality benefits of the site design to meet regulations.

In some cases, the Town may set a minimum standard for allowable BMPs or housekeeping practices. Devices or specifications not listed below or in either of these resources must be submitted for review and approval prior to their use. We make every effort to keep our resources up to date. However, some links provided may become out of date, users should check with the source page to confirm that the most current version from an outside source is being used.

Site Water Resources:
The following resources are provided to aid designers in evaluating their site with a watershed or for permitting.  Please note that Town staff may have more detailed local data - including pipe networks that may differ from the larger state and federal products that look at the macro level.  Town plan review staff can provide additional data during your submittal process.  We encourage projects to submit your project's NOI early in the process for coordinating this information.

Alternative Products:

For construction site controls, the designer should be designing site specific controls. In some cases there may be more appropriate alternative construction site controls for inlet protection, construction entrances, etc. that may not be provided for in SCDOT or SCDHEC manuals.  Please discuss alternative products with your plan review team.  We will require inspection and maintenance details in your plan set for alternative products.

Guidance Tools

The EPA's "Developing Your Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan: A Guide for Construction Sites" can help provide further guidance on developing a SWPPP appropriate for your project. By implementing good BMPs at your construction site, you can help protect water quality in the Town of Mount Pleasant. * Please note that the State of SC and the Town may have adopted best practices that are more stringent than the EPA - please check state and local requirements.

Please check back often to find out more information for BMPs that may be relevant to your project.
Questions? Please contact our Stormwater Division, Water Quality staff at 843-849-2022.