Pitt Street Bridge Micromobility

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The Pitt Street Bridge Micromobility project will improve safety through the clear delineation between motorized and non-motorized uses along Pitt Street from Schweers Lane to the Pitt Street Bridge Park entrance. Due to the environmental sensitivity within the project area and the varying modes of travel to/from the park, a reallocation and delineation of existing pavement is being proposed to accommodate all users. The project will improve the safety for all users through the implementation of pavement markings, signage, pedestrian lighting, and improved parking areas. A critical goal of this project is to ensure the long-term resiliency of this access through improvements to the areas adjacent to the roadway including plantings of indigenous landscaping and shoring up the back slopes of the roadway.

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Staff is currently working with our consultant to delineate wetlands and critical areas, collect necessary survey, and begin preliminary design in preparations for the public outreach and permitting processes. 


  • Design Complete:  June 2024
  • Begin Construction:  December 2024
  • Complete Construction:  April 2025

Cost Estimate

  • Design: $121,400.00
  • Construction: TBD



James Aton, Project Manager