Recreation Advisory Commission

Commission Guidelines



The Town of Mount Pleasant Recreation Advisory Commission has been established to assist and promote the recreational offerings of the Recreation Department and to serve as a representative body of a wide range of recreational interests in order to convey the recreational needs of the community to staff and Town Council.  Organizational structure, composition, duties, and responsibilities of the Commission are set forth in this document. 

Composition and Appointment

The Commission shall consist of twelve (12) members, representing different interests and program areas.  All members must reside in the Town of Mount Pleasant at the time of their appointment and at all times during which they serve on the Commission.  All appointments to the Commission shall be made by Town Council following an application process and members shall serve at the pleasure of Council.  Program appointment areas are as follows:

 Indoor Courts                                                  Diamond Field Sports

Rectangular Field Sports                              Aquatics Programs

Teen Programming                                       Visual and Performing Arts

Therapeutic Recreation                                Tennis/Pickleball                              

Senior Programs                                            Open Space/Trails/Bikeways

Parks and Playgrounds                                 Community Events

Terms of Office

Each member of the Commission shall be appointed for a term of 2 years beginning in August 2022 and ending in July of 2024.   


  1. The Commission shall not conduct business without the presence of a quorum but may receive information in the absence of a quorum.   Seven (7) of the twelve (12) members shall constitute a quorum, and action may be had upon a majority vote of the quorum. 
  1. At the first meeting of the Commission, the members shall elect a Chair and a Vice Chair.  Minutes of all meetings shall be kept by staff and members shall consider approval of the minutes from the preceding meeting at the start of the next meeting.  Once approved, a copy of the minutes must be provided to the Clerk of Council for archiving and publication on the Town’s website. 
  1. At the first meeting the members shall set their meeting dates and times for the year.  The Commission Chair may call other meetings as long as sufficient notice is provided to the public in accordance with the requirements of the South Carolina Freedom of Information Act. 
  1. The Commission may adopt its own rules of order or may choose to follow Robert’s Rules of Order. 


  1. The Commission shall review research as needed and advise and provide suggestions to the Director of Recreation and/or to Town Council regarding:
  1. The offering and promotion of current activities, events, leagues, lessons and other program offerings;
  2. Current facilities, equipment, and supplies;
  3. Fiscal year-end statistics on the use of facilities and participation in programs;
  4. The offering of future leisure and recreation activities and programs;
  5. Incorporation of and coordination with other entities (i.e. Charleston County School District) in joint programing;
  6. Assist and advise staff in identifying potential volunteers, coaches, and sponsors for programs and activities;
  7. Other matters as may be approved or assigned by the Recreation Director or by Town Council.

Commission Members

SeatsNameEmail Address
Diamond Field SportsFrederick
Rectangular Field SportsKevin
Indoor CourtsKen
Aquatics ProgramMichelle
Vice Chair, Teen ProgramEdwin Cuttino "Tripp"
Visual & Performing ArtsKeely
Therapeutic RecreationRenken
Senior ProgramsLynne
Open Space/Trails/BikewaysJohn
Parks & PlaygroundsGreer
CHAIR, Community EventsPerry

Agendas & Minutes

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