US 17 at Mathis Ferry Rd/Venning Rd Intersection Improvements

17 at mathis ferry2Description:

This CIP project proposes improvements to the intersection of US 17 at Mathis Ferry Rd/Venning Rd divided into four phases, one for each approach to the intersection. This project is jointly funded by the Town, Charleston County School District, and through the County’s TST program.

  •  Phase 1 – Northbound US 17: Extension of the northbound US 17 left turn lane by an additional 250ft to accommodate additional left turning vehicle queues that block the left through lane during peak periods
  •  Phase 2 – Venning Rd: The resurfacing and restriping of the Venning Rd approach to include a separated right turn lane with 70ft of storage. This approach currently is striped as a shared through/right turn lane which develop long queues when a vehicle wishing to travel straight blocks vehicles wishing to turn right.
  •  Phase 3 – Southbound US 17: This phase includes the installation of a splitter island to remove the right turn lane maneuver from the signal operation allowing vehicles to turn in a yield fashion similar to the SC 41 right turns onto US 17. This modification will allow for the existing stop bar to be moved closer to the intersection providing additional left turn storage.
  •  Phase 4 – Mathis Ferry Rd: This phase includes the removal and reconstruction of the existing median for the Mathis Ferry Rd approach increasing the dual left turn by 200ft.


The project is scheduled to begin construction in September 2023 and is expected to completed within 180 days.  


  • Design Complete:  May 2023
  • Begin Construction: September 2023
  • Complete Construction: March 2024

 Cost Estimate:

  • Design: $113,738.00
  • Construction: $843,170.00 



Molli LeMin, Project Manager