It is the builder of record's responsibility to verify actual compliance with all applicable codes and ordinances as adopted. The following are required inspections for all new construction, additions, renovations, and repairs as applicable:

  • Footing
  • Foundation / Site
  • Building Slab 
  • Plumbing Slab 
  • Electrical Slab 
  • Plumbing Rough in 
  • Mechanical Rough in 
  • Electrical Rough in 
  • Gas rough in 
  • Sheathing / Strapping 
  • Framing
  • Insulation
  • Duct Blast / Blower Door Energy Test Results
  • Plumbing Final (performed at Building Final)
  • Mechanical Final (performed at Building Final)
  • Gas Final 
  • Electric Final
  • Final Drainage
  • Mount Pleasant Waterworks Permanent Meter Installation**
  • Final Site
  • Building Final / Certificate of Occupancy

Please make note, the above inspections may not include additional requirements and inspections unique to the project such as flood elevation certificates, tree mitigation, planning, fire, MPW approvals, etc.  All residential new home construction requires proof of paid watertap fees prior to the issuance of the new home permit. Effective March 1 2023, we will now be requiring confirmation from MPW that a permanent water meter is installed prior to scheduling building final inspections for some construction permits.

Inspections are performed between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Town does not offer after hours inspections. For your convenience the Town accepts inspection requests via or by emailing or by calling (843) 884-5184 during normal business hours. Please have your permit number ready when calling. The Town provides an electronic set of stamped plans after permit issuance. These plans are required to be posted on the job site for inspections. If you have not received a set of plans or you have questions regarding these requirements please call or email us. Failure to have stamped plans posted on job site may result in an incomplete inspection. Please contact our Inspections office at (843) 884-5184 to check availability and current lead-time on Inspections.

 Need to contact your Inspector? Our Inspectors are in the field the majority of the day, however they can be reached by calling our Inspections office at the number above between 8:00-8:30am. We realize your time is valuable but we are unable to schedule specific times when you call for an inspection. Contacting the Inspector directly the morning of your inspection may help determine a better estimate of his arrival time. 

 Additionally, some projects may be able to use the option for an approved 3rd Party to perform the majority of your inspections, however you must gain prior approval first. For more information please contact us to schedule your meeting today.  

Please click link below for a detail explanation of requirements for these inspections.

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