Car Safety Seat Program

Mount Pleasant Fire Department child safety seat program is an educational program for the caregivers to be familiar with the child seat they are currently using and making sure that safety seat is properly installed by performing an inspection. 

Our safety seat program is partnered with Safe Kids worldwide and have trained child safety seat (CSS) technicians to help achieve our goal; to prevent and reduce injuries, disabilities and death to children due to motor vehicle crashes.

Below you will see the steps our child safety seat program would like for you to follow before you select an appointment with our technicians. 

Before you make an appointment

Mount Pleasant Fire Department child safety seat technicians would love to be in the back seat with your little ones where-ever you go, but that just can’t happen. So, to get the most out of this program and appointment it starts with you, the caregiver. Please try to complete the following before making an appointment.

  1. Review your child safety seat manual and vehicle manual
  2. Get familiar with the safety seat 
  3. Attempt to install the safety seat

After you have completed those three steps, then schedule in an appointment. Performing those steps will build your confidence, knowledge of the child seat, and help you develop any questions you may have for your appointment. 

Schedule your appointment

During the appointment, the technician will have you fill out two short forms, answer any questions you may have, and review the functions of your child safety seat. An inspection of your install will be performed and if any mistakes are found, they will be corrected. 

Expect to get involved and your hands on the car seat during your appointment. It’s the best way to learn and have the confidence if needing to address anything in the future after your appointment.

Some appointments may be during the technicians shift. Appointment can have the possibility of being interrupted if technician needs to respond to an emergency, so please be patient. 

To schedule an appointment with a Mount Pleasant Fire Department Child Safety Seat Technician, please click on the link below:


Mount Pleasant Fire Department Child Safety Seat Program also performs safety seat check events. Be on the look-out on the website or social media on dates and locations. 

Our child safety seat program also developed a class which is hosted by East Cooper Medical Center. The class is great for new up coming parents to grandparents. If you don’t have a child seat yet, this class is great as well as we discuss different features in seats which can help in choosing one, and proper installation. After the class we go outside and perform inspections for those who do have child seats. 


Any questions please contact Engineer Brian Adams