Building Permits

All construction projects where the valuation of the proposed construction exceeds the amount as determined by the Building Official or requires a structural inspection must obtain a building permit. Building permit applications must be submitted with the appropriate supplemental information and site plan. Applications for building permits should be submitted online via the Town website. Further submittal instructions and applications can be found under the Building Inspections Applications and Forms or by clicking this link


Building permits and inspections ensure the basic safety of the buildings in our community. We have worked hard to streamline the building permit application process wherever possible. The Town of Mount Pleasant has offered online and paperless submittals since 2014, however we are here to help make the application process as easy as possible. If you are having difficulty making application online please contact us for alternative solutions.


While many projects will require detailed review by our team of Plans Examiners, some permits can be issued over the counter or within 1-2 business days. We value your business and want to help you get started as quickly as possible. Plan Review time can fluctuate daily based on current workloads. Plans are typically reviewed in the order they were received. The Town does not offer Expedited or Express Reviews, however the option for 3rd Party Plan Review has been extended as an option for New Commercial Construction projects only during times when our plan review lead-times may be delayed due to high volume. Our current lead-time for plan review is 4-6 weeks. Third Party Plan Review is not available at this time.  For questions regarding this, please contact us.

Upon receipt of your application you will receive an email confirming what the current lead-time for plan review is at that time. Applicants are emailed when their permit is ready for pick up. We hope to soon offer online access to view status of your application but in the meantime we always welcome calls or inquires. Please call (843) 884-5184 or email us with questions regarding your project.


We understand field revisions happen during the construction process. If your project is still under review and has not been permitted yet, please contact us for instructions on revision submittals. Field Revisions require plan review and approval prior to proceeding with work. Our goal is to work these reviews in conjunction with our daily workloads and to approve changes as quickly as possible, however, our lead-time could be determined by a number of factors. For changes on permitted jobs please email the revised plans only with the changes clouded. Please do not submit revisions via our online portal as it may be confused with a new project.


Please call or email us as soon as possible if you would like to release a contractor or if you would like to be released from a permitted job OR an application your currently have under review.


If you would like a trade permit (mechanical, plumbing, electrical or gas) for a job site that has a master permit, or for a stand alone permit you can apply via our online portal by clicking here. Trade permits are issued by our Front Office staff and are typically issued same day. If your trade permit is not related to a master building permit then please contact us in regards to what plans (if any) may be needed for permit issuance. For more info regarding trade permits or status of a trade permit application please call (843) 884-5184.

Your project is important to us-we’re here to help! Click here to find out more details about permit applications. 


How to avoid Application or Plan Rejection