Pedestrian and Bicycle Accommodations Program

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The Pedestrian and Bicycle Accommodations Program was developed over 20 years ago as the Town recognized the needs and desires of all residents to have safe and high-quality alternatives for non-vehicle transportation facilities.  Given the vulnerability of pedestrians and bicyclists, improving road safety, and creating environments that prioritize their protection is paramount.

 The primary objectives of the program are to:

  • Provide accommodation for pedestrians and bicyclist where they currently do not exist.
  • Fill in gaps lacking facilities providing connectivity to existing accommodations.
  • Aide in achieving the Town’s Target Zero Resolution by improving safe infrastructure to protect vulnerable roadway users from vehicular traffic.
  • Promote active healthy living by encouraging walking and biking.
  • Provide transportation alternatives for those who do not have access to vehicles.

 Should you have any additional questions please contact the program manager.

 Although segments proposed by the Pedestrian and Bicycle Accommodations Program may overlap routes for the Mount Pleasant Way (MPW) the program is not part of the MPW initiative. To learn more about MPW please visit the program website at  Mount Pleasant Way | Mount Pleasant, SC - Official Website (


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Gary Ponder, Project Manager