Snee Farm


The Town of Mount Pleasant has been working with the Snee Farm HOA to develop a holistic and comprehensive plan for the neighborhood to improve mobility and safety. This included conceptualizing different improvements for traffic calming, pedestrian and bicycle improvements, along with improved golf cart crossings. The primary features being considered are as follows:

  •  A 5ft sidewalk along Law Ln from Indigo Cut to the roundabout at Deleisseline Blvd/Royalist Rd
  • A 5ft sidewalk along Parkway Dr from Long Point Rd to the roundabout at Snee Farm Pkwy/Farm Quarter Rd
  • Speed humps along Parkway Dr
  • Driver feedback signs on Snee Farm Pkwy near the entrance of the neighborhood
  • Roadway striping and signing for Micromobility along Deleisseline Blvd and Farm Quarter Rd from the roundabout at Snee Farm Pkwy to the roundabout at Law Ln
  • Assessment of a non-motorized connection from Law Ln to the Indigo Market Development
  • Assessment of a non-motorized connection from Moss Bluff to the Long Point Rd and Needlerush Pkwy roundabout
  • Raised table crossings and improved signage at all golf cart crossings


Town staff has conducted several public and HOA Board meetings to present the ideas listed above and gather feedback. It is the intent for Town staff to continue coordination with the HOA and residents about these potential improvements to develop and design a comprehensive phased plan that meets the needs of the neighborhood in consensus with the Snee Farm HOA. A timeline for implementation of improvements will be developed upon agreement of the comprehensive plan.

  • HOA Board Meeting No. 1: 5/24/2021
  • HOA Board Meeting No. 2: 12/30/2021
  • HOA Board Meeting No. 3: 10/13/2023
  • Public Listening Session No. 1: 6/12/2023
  • Public Listening Session No. 2: 11/14/2023
  • Public Listening Session No. 3: Anticipated January/February 2024


snee farm 3  Cottingham Sidewalk

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snee farm 2


  • James Aton, PE, PTOE, RSP1
  • Email
  • 843.856.3080