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What are Impact Fees?  As communities grow, the demands placed on surrounding infrastructure continue to increase. Eventually, these demands will require additional capacity improvements to maintain apropos levels of public service.


Impact fees represent financial payments made from a developer to the local government to offset the costs of certain off-site capital improvements needed to facilitate future growth.  Fees may be collected for many different public facilities and services, including: transportation, municipal facilities (such as public services planning, building, engineering and general administration) stormwater, police and fire protection, and recreation.


Development impact fees shall be charged to new development or redevelopment and applied to both residential and commercial projects.  The fees to be collected will be determined prior to the issuance of a building permit.  No building permit shall be issued for any development requirement the payment of Impact Fees until the fees have been remitted to the Town in full.  In the case of redevelopment credits may be applied to offset the new Impact fees owed.

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