Crime Analysis

Data Analysis

Crime analysis is a law enforcement agency function that involves organized analysis for identifying and determining criminal patterns and trends within the community. The data is primarily collected from reports and records within the law enforcement agency. Additional data may be obtained from outside sources, such as law enforcement agencies, other agencies of the criminal justice system, other government agencies and private organizations.

This data can assist law enforcement agencies by utilizing resources in a more efficient manner and assisting officers in identifying and apprehending criminals. The data can be disseminated through crime and intelligence bulletins that are distributed to local law enforcement agencies and federal law enforcement agencies. The crime data obtained through analysis can also be displayed in a map form giving the law enforcement agency a visual picture of the crime trends and patterns that are occurring in a specific location. This analyzed data can be used in a proactive way to assist crime prevention develop solutions to problem areas that are occurring in the local community.

Chris Davis
Crime Analyst