Field Operations

Bureau Responsibilities

The Field Operations Bureau is comprised of Uniform Patrol Bureau officers, Traffic Bureau officers, Animal Control officers, the Marine Patrol, SWAT, the Towne Centre Patrol, the Waterfront Park Patrol, and school resource officers.
  • The Uniform Patrol is responsible for calls for service in the field, community education, and enhancing the wellness of the community by working in partnership with the citizens and business owners of our community.
  • The Traffic Bureau is responsible for traffic law enforcement, collision prevention and investigation, traffic control, and high priority patrol calls.
  • Marine Patrol is responsible for enforcement and safety on the waters surrounding Mount Pleasant.
  • Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) is responsible for emergency calls requiring a tactical response.
  • Waterfront Park Patrol is responsible for calls for service at the Memorial Waterfront Park. They patrol on foot, use bicycles, and also use the four-wheeled gator to patrol the park and pier.
  • The SRO (school resource officer) is responsible for patrolling schools and ensuring the safety of the students and faculty.