Traffic Bureau


The Traffic Bureau functions include:
  • Collision prevention and investigation
  • Community functions such as speaking to driver education classes, promoting the use of vehicle child restraints, and other traffic related training
  • Community traffic complaint investigations
  • Impaired driver enforcement
  • Traffic control at civic functions, sporting events, processions, and parades
  • Traffic law enforcement
  • Responding to high priority patrol calls when available
The traffic officers are trained in DUI enforcement, utilizing the latest techniques to apprehend drunk drivers and providing safer roads for traveling motorists. These traffic officers’ vehicles are outfitted with the latest digital, in-car video systems and radar units for speed enforcement and enforcement recordings. The traffic officers conduct monthly DUI saturation (heightened patrols), where officers focus on DUI apprehension, as well as yearly safety checkpoints. Most of the traffic officers are trained in vehicle / motorcycle reconstruction.