Professional Standards


The Office of Professional Standards reports directly to the chief of police. They are responsible for administering the awards program, recruitment and selection of new employees, as well as conducting internal inquiries.

Summary of Complaint Procedures

To submit  a complaint against an officer, click the link below. This is not a form to submit complaints of crime or neighborhood disputes:

The Mount Pleasant Police Department recognizes its responsibility, both to itself and to the public, to thoroughly investigate all complaints and misconduct brought against its members.
To accomplish this task, the Mount Pleasant Police Department has implemented an internal procedure, which provides for a diligent, systematic inquiry of complaints received. It is by this process that valid complaints are separated from allegations, which are false, so that corrective measures may be utilized to provide quality law enforcement and instill the community’s confidence in the department.

A complaint may be made by an individual, either by telephone, in writing, via email or in person. The complainant may choose to identify himself or remain anonymous.

A complaint may be submitted to any supervisor of the Mount Pleasant Police Department. The complaints received will be forwarded to the Office of Professional Standards. A written report of the complaint will be made.

A thorough investigation will be conducted of the events surrounding the incident in question.

Citizens who accuse a member of the Mount Pleasant Police Department of committing a crime, violating a person’s civil rights, dereliction of duty or acts of gross misconduct will be given the opportunity to present their complaint to a representative of the Office of Professional Standards. Upon completion of a through investigation, the complainant will be notified by letter from the Office of Professional Standards of the disposition of the complaint. This procedure generally requires thirty (30) days.

Disposition of Complaints

Not Involved

Officer was not present at the time of the alleged misconduct.


The investigation proved that the act or acts complained of did not occur.


The acts, which provide the basis for the complaint, occurred; however, investigation revealed that they were justified, lawful and proper.

Not Sustained

Investigation failed to disclose sufficient evidence to prove the allegation made in the complaint.


The investigation disclosed sufficient evidence to prove clearly the allegations made in the complaint.

2021 Internal Inquiries Summary

During the 2021 calendar year, the Office of Professional Standards conducted nineteen (19) internal inquiries/citizen complaints. The breakdown is as follows:
  •   6 Not Sustained
  •  13 Sustained
  •   0 Unfounded
  •   0 Exonerated