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Town Recycling Services

The Town of Mount Pleasant offers limited recycling services:

  • Used Oil Recycling - drop off your used motor oil and gas/ oil mixes at our maintenance facility on Sweetgrass Basket Parkway (5 gallons per visit maximum - residential use only).
  • Oyster Shell Recycling - help the Town and SC Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) protect the environment by recycling your oyster shells at our maintenance facility on Sweetgrass Basket Parkway. The shells need to be collected and disinfected before being re-used for oyster reef construction. Shells should never be dumped into the marsh or a pond as they may be harmful to existing oyster populations.

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Learn more about the recycling and disposal of home gadgets here.

Charleston County Recycling Services 

Charleston County offers a curbside residential recycling service and has several locations around the County to drop off recyclable material. 

  • Curbside Recycling – Charleston County collects residential recycling biweekly (every other week) at the curb. Visit the County Recycling website for information about what can be recycled and recycling pickup schedules.
  • Drop Site Recycling - The County has several drop-off locations in the Town to recycle: all paper, including cardboard; plastics #1-7; aluminum and steel cans; and glass bottles and jars.
  • Hazardous Materials - household cleaners, chemicals, paint, and other materials should be taken to the County’s facility on Awendaw Convenience Center or Bees Ferry Landfill. If you are not sure what to bring, where to go, or how to get there, please call Charleston County at (843) 720-7111 or visit the County website.

Town and County Drop Sites - Landscape

Special Recycling Items

Some materials have special disposal requirements:

  • CFL Light Bulbs - these bulbs help save energy, but they cannot be put in your garbage can or recycling bin. The bulbs need to be recycled at special drop-off locations. Bulbs need to be unbroken to prevent or minimize mercury exposure. Stores such as Lowes and Home Depot will have collection bins for bulbs.
  • Propane Tank Disposal
    • Trade it in Where You Purchased It
    • Bring it to a Local Village Hazardous Waste Collection Day
    • Not in Your Garbage Cart
    • Not in Your Recycling Cart