US 17 to Rifle Range Connector Road

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The US 17 to Rifle Range Connector Road project was authorized for design in FY 2018 and was renamed Vaugh Ed Kee Parkway by the Planning Commission in 2020.

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NOTE:  This project previously involved the realignment of Long Point Road to Old Georgetown Road and the extension of a new roadway from US 17 to Rifle Range Road. Based on the June 2018 Town Council action, the realignment portion of the project was removed. The roadway extension between US 17 and Rifle Range Road is currently being designed.  


This project involves a roadway extension from US 17 to Billy Swails Boulevard and Rifle Range Road, primarily through the future jointly-owned Town of Mount Pleasant and Charleston County park.  The extension provides better connection between the existing and planned arterial network, which decreases trip lengths and disperses traffic to more intersections, versus concentrating it at fewer.  The extension project was authorized for design in FY 2018 and is on-going.  The design scope of work follows the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process, which enables the Town to take advantage of federal funds, should they become available to the project.    


A public information meeting for the Long Point Road Extension project was held on February 22, 2018 at Christ Church, with about 50 citizens attending. Another public meeting is anticipated before the end of the year. Traffic modeling and analyses for the entire roadway network, to include the Long Point Road Realignment and Extension and Billy Swails Boulevard projects, is on-going through our Comprehensive Plan and Long Range Transportation Plan updates. Design year traffic for these projects is being developed in conjunction with that modeling process. Results of the those efforts will be provided at future public meetings scheduled for both our Comp Plan/LRTP process as well as for the individual Long Point Road and Billy Swails Boulevard projects. Currently, property acquisition is ongoing. 


  • Complete Design: July 2021
  • Complete Permitting: August 2021
  • Begin Construction: November 2021
  • Complete Construction: December 2022 

Cost Estimate

  • $10,461,081 (Funded in the 2020 - 2024 CIP)
  • Project Manager: Paul Lykins, Project Engineer
  • Email 
  • Ph: (843) 856-3080