Armed Robbery Prevention & Response Tips

More Information
The Mount Pleasant Police Department does not guarantee that following the above precautions will prevent you from being the victim of an armed robbery; however it can reduce the chances.


  • The first deterrent to armed robbery is to practice and advertise a cash-control policy: 
    • A cash limit should be adopted and signs should be posted at entry doors and cash registers
    • Extra cash or large bills should be placed in a safe
    • Money should be deposited as often as practical
    • Look outside to see if there are suspicious persons lingering before leaving the store with a deposit
    • Vary the route, times, and method of bringing cash out of the store
    • Use plain bags - don’t look like you are carrying money bags
  • The second is visibility: 
    • Employees should be able to see out in order to observe suspicious persons
    • Passers-by should be able to look in at the cash register
    • Employees should be able to be identified by clothing
    • There should be ample lighting both in the parking lot and throughout the business
    • Signs or shelves should be placed so as not to obscure visibility
  • Alarms are another deterrent factor: 
    • The most important factor in an alarm is the safety with which it can be activated 
    • One of the safest types of alarms is a “money clip”
    • Do not use a panic button alarm, unless it can be activated safely and discreetly
  • Operating procedures: 
    • Greet every person who enters the business
    • Have more than one employee in the store at all times
    • If possible, have two persons open and close the store
    • Rear and side doors should be kept locked at all times
    • Employees should be asked to use the main entrance
    • Storage rooms should be equipped with special locks, and holdup buttons should be considered


  • Cooperate and do exactly what the robber asks
  • Be as polite and accommodating as possible
  • Tell the robber in advance if you need to make any move, especially one that they don’t expect
  • Do not try to use an alarm, unless you can do so safely without any obvious movement 
  • Do not try to be a hero; money can be replaced, a life cannot

After the Robbery

  • Lock the doors immediately
  • If you haven’t had a safe opportunity to activate the alarm, do so now 
  • Call 9-1-1 and follow the dispatcher’s instructions