Submittal Guidelines & Form

History Submittal Guidelines

The Town of Mount Pleasant Historical Commission is excited to have the opportunity to engage in the sharing of our town history. If you are interested in sharing your old photos, short stories or oral histories with the Commission for possible inclusion on the website we would love to hear from you.

Before submitting please read the guidelines below:

Photos: Photos must be digital copies of the original at a resolution of 300dpi. Once submitted, the photos become the property of the Town of Mount Pleasant.

Provide a brief description and if possible, the name of the photographer & date taken, for each photo submitted.

Stories: Short stories or memories should not be very long and generally cover a single topic. Examples would be memories of Hurricane Hugo, the opening of Johnnie Dodds Blvd. or a visit to Pierates Cruze Gardens.

Each submittal should have a title, author and a brief description provided.

Oral Histories: Generally larger and more encompassing than a short story or single memory, oral histories require a large amount of preparation and work. If you are interested in conducting an oral history or writing down your own history, there are many resources available online or in the local library.

Oral Histories are a valuable resource for any community and provide a personal perspective that is not usually recorded.

Each submittal should provide the name of the interviewer, name of the person being interviewed and the date of the interview.

History Submittal Form

Mount Pleasant Historical Commission Submittal Form