Safety Seats

Over half of the child safety seats in use in America are installed incorrectly by parents. Some of the reasons this occurs:

1. Vehicle seats and seat belts are built for the comfort of adults, not to secure a child correctly.
2. Some seat belts need a different buckle or special locking clip to safely secure a child car seat.
3. Some child car seats cannot be used safely in certain seating positions.
4. Air bags can cause serious injury or death to infants in their rear facing child seats

We are going to give several tips to help keep your child safe as well as information on proper installation. Please read through the tip below.

1. One of the most important things to do when installing a car seat is read you car’s owner’s manual. It will give you valuable information on how your car seat should be installed in your car. Also, read the instructions for the car seat. Many parents do not read them because they are hard to understand and think that they can install the seat correctly without them. Look at the seatbelts in your car. They can tell you how the car seat should be installed with that type of belt. Another place to look for instructions is your sun visor. The sun visor will usually give indications on airbags in your car.

2. Deep seats and seatbelts forward of the seat’s crack make it almost impossible to properly install a car seat.

3. Even if the seat is flat, if the seat belts sit ahead of the seat’s crack, it could make it difficult to properly install a car seat.

4. If the seatbelt is mounted on the door of your vehicle, you should not use it to anchor the car seat.

5. You should never wrap your child before putting him/her in a car seat. If your child’s head is titled forward, the car seat is not installed properly. Your baby’s head should not tilt forward because it could possibly cut off air supply. A rolled towel under the seat can help fix the problem.

6. In rear-facing car seats the harness straps should be at or below shoulder level. The harness straps should also not be twisted and the retainer clip needs to be in place. If not, it cuts down on the amount of protection provided.

7. Do not put the shoulder belt under the arm. This could cause life threatening injuries. Instead, a booster should be used.

8. If you have any questions about how to install child safety seats, please call (843) 884-4176.