CPR Class

The Mount Pleasant Fire Department provides American Safety and Health Institute classes for the lay person. Our instructors teach not only in South Carolina but all over the United States. The CPR classes are offered once a month.

There is no class fee associated with these classes. These classes are not available for healthcare providers or individuals that need CPR certification for their employment. The classes are meant for the lay person who would like to learn CPR and/or First Aid for personal knowledge. Students are taught the most up to date information and standards as approved by the American Safety and Health Institute.

The Mount Pleasant Fire Department does not offer BLS (Basic Life Support) classes for healthcare providers and classes are not available for individuals that need certification for employment.

Classes Offered

  • CPR/AED: Adult, Child, Infant
  • First Aid

Submit the CPR Registration Form below or e-mail cpr@tompsc.com for more information.

CPR Registration

If you register for a class and do not receive a confirmation letter or if a registered student cannot attend please email cpr@tompsc.com.