Shem Creek Bridge Bike Lanes

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Staff is currently working through the right-of-way requirements for the project and seeking SCDOT final approval.

This project will add 4’-5’ marked bike lanes on Coleman Boulevard across the Shem Creek Bridge between Pelzer Drive and Mill Street. This will enable over 1.5 miles of continuous bike lanes on Coleman Boulevard from Houston Northcutt Boulevard to Pherigo Street.


A public information meeting was conducted and SCDOT has approved the design exception. Preliminary plans have been submitted to SCDOT and are currently under their review.

  • Complete Design:  July 2021
  • Begin Construction:  December 2021
  • Complete Construction:  February 2022

Cost Estimate

  • $891,000 ($258,000 TOMP and $633,000 Federal)


Shem Creek Bike Lane Project Area

Shem Creek Bike Lane Form (11/6/17)


James Aton, Project Manager