I have a 2006 State Construction permit, what do I need to do to meet the 2012 requirements?
Please note that this is a STATE permit, Mount Pleasant is required to assist the state with the implementation of the state's permit. Any permit questions need to be directed to the SCDHEC coastal office at 843-953-0200.

2012 Permit requirement 2.4.2

A. If you previously received authorization to discharge for the current phase of your Project under the 2006 CGP, you shall be granted coverage under the 2012 general permit as long as your construction site complies with Section 3.1.1.F of the new permit. There will be no additional fees associated with an extension of coverage for existing sites under the new general permit. However, SCDHEC may, at its discretion, require an Applicant to confirm their intent to be covered under this new permit following its effective date. Should confirmation be requested and not provided within 30 calendar days from the date of the written request, coverage under the new general permit will be terminated. Should a site with terminated coverage be determined not to be finally stabilized or construction continues; the Owner/Operator must submit a new NOI, Comprehensive SWPPP, and all other required information, under Section 2.3 of this permit, along with appropriate fees. All construction activities must cease, except for those required to stabilize the site, until authorization to discharge may be granted.

B. All projects that received permit coverage under the 2006 CGP must modify their current SWPPP, as required by Section 3.1.1.F, and any SWPPP changes must be implemented no later than six (6) months following the effective date of the new permit.

C. For projects covered under the 2006 CGP, any individual or group that has signed a Co-permittee Agreement may continue to conduct work as a Co-permittee as long as the project’s coverage remains active and under the control of the operator to whom coverage was originally granted.SCDHEC Stormwater Permitting

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