What are the requirements of Section 3.1.1.F?

3.1.1 F. All SWPPPs associated with coverage approvals under the 2006 CGP, where coverage has not been terminated, will have to be updated in accordance with Section 3.1.1.F.I. Upon request, the Permittee shall make the updated SWPPP available for review by DHEC, MS4, or other local review entities. Any SWPPP changes must be implemented no later than six (6) months following the effective date of the new permit. I. The SWPPP approved for coverage under the 2006 CGP, will have to be revised to meet the following requirements in order to come into compliance with this permit: (a). 3.1.1.H.V.(h) – Record Keeping. An appendix must be added to the SWPPP to track the progress, compliance, modifications, and those associated with the construction site. (b). 3.2.10 – Non-Numeric Effluent Limits. Site-specific procedures and information must be included within the C-SWPPP that addresses all applicable Non-Numeric Effluent Limits, which would not significantly impact the approved design (i.e., would not be considered a Major Modification per Section 3.1.7.C of this permit). This would include, but is not limited to, any addition/relocation of erosion control BMPs, changes to internal drainage patterns, limiting the amount of disturbed area allowed at any given time, minimizing steep slopes, enhancing the stabilization of steep slopes, preserving topsoil, minimization of exposed construction debris, and restricting the use of the additional prohibited discharges listed in Section 3.2.10.E of this permit. (c). 4.2.B – Frequency of Site Inspections. All references to construction site inspection frequencies that are greater than once every calendar week must be revised to meet this weekly inspection requirement. (d). 4.2.D - Rain Gauge. A rain log must be added as an appendix of the SWPPP. (e). 4.2.H - Inspection Records. An inspection log must be added as an appendix of the SWPPP.

2012 SCDHEC Construction General Permit

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