Who is leading the process?

The planning process is being led by Planning Commission and Town Staff. A Plan Forum – a group of 34 Mount Pleasant Planning Area residents – was established to provide feedback and guide development of the Plan. The Plan Forum will be geographically and demographically representative of the town’s neighborhoods and planning area. They are charged with meeting on a regular basis to guide the planning consultant in the creation of several milestone deliverables and to process and reflect on information and input provided by the broader public at a series of three open house/workshops held over the next year.

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1. What is a comprehensive plan?
2. Why is Mount Pleasant updating its comprehensive plan?
3. Why should I care?
4. Who is leading the process?
5. How can I be involved?
6. Do I have to be an expert to participate?
7. What topics will be covered?
8. Will transportation be a part of the Comprehensive Plan?