How can I be involved?

We are committed to an inclusive and open process to foster community engagement and action. There will be three series of input opportunities specifically designed for you to share your ideas. Please follow us on facebook and check the project website for the engagement schedule, and online activities. For more information about the Town of Mount Pleasant Planning and Development Department and the Town of Mount Pleasant 2018-2028 Comprehensive Plan, sign up on our Notify Me module and let us bring the information to you. Customize your experience and engage in information you care about!

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1. What is a comprehensive plan?
2. Why is Mount Pleasant updating its comprehensive plan?
3. Why should I care?
4. Who is leading the process?
5. How can I be involved?
6. Do I have to be an expert to participate?
7. What topics will be covered?
8. Will transportation be a part of the Comprehensive Plan?