How can I help?

This how you can help:

- Please review the Debris Separation Guidelines on the graphic from FEMA. The only storm debris authorized for collection for Hurricane Dorian is vegetative debris. If other items are mixed into vegetative debris piles, the pile may not be collected.
- Please review the “Tips for Curbside Debris Placement” infographic. Make sure to keep all piles away from ALL utilities so we don’t damage critical infrastructure. Do not block roadways or sidewalks.
- We are cleaning what we can but ask for help on completing the finishing touches (sweeping and bagging leaves, cleaning up smaller debris left behind after piles are picked up, etc.)
- If you have multiple small piles of vegetative debris, please combine them to increase efficiency in the collection process.

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1. Why is hurricane debris collection taking so long?
2. What is the plan for my specific neighborhood?
3. Why is my neighborhood marked complete when my pile was missed?
4. How can I help?