How do I register online?


To use our online registration program, you must have previously

registered for an activity with the Mount Pleasant Recreation

Department. If you are a new member, you will need to

stop in one of our Recreation Centers to get registered. *Refer

to #3, “Walk-in.”


If you do not remember your user name or password, click on

“Forgot Password” and follow the directions. Your user name

and password will be emailed to you in two emails.


We recommend perusing the brochure and choosing your

activities prior to logging in. Note the activity number assigned

to each activity, as it will be helpful when registering. Mount

Pleasant Recreation Department only accepts VISA and

MASTERCARD. No discounts are given online.

Registration dates are set in advance and subject to change.

Refer to our website, information sheets or call for an update.

How to register online:

1. Go to

2. Enter your user name and password

3. Select category

4. Click on the cart icon next to the activity

5. “Enroll Now”

(the button will appear at the very bottom of the screen)

6. Select a household member to enroll

7. “Add to Cart”

8. Enter your payment information


Anyone and everyone, regardless of ability, may register for a

program through the Mount Pleasant Recreation Department.

All Recreation Department buildings are accessible to all

persons. Those needing special assistance should notify the

center in advance.

Web Registration

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2. How do I register online?